Lori Williams was interviewed on The Dean’s List February 17, 2016. Click link below for the broadcast.

In this podcast, I discuss:

a. What you want to look for in an attorney;
b. Things to consider when working with an attorney;
c. How Your Legal Resource helps individuals and businesses with their legal matters;
D. How Your Legal Resource helps professional service providers with referral marketing techniques.

Click here to listen to the podcast interview.





Lori Williams Radio Interview on It’s Your Community

Vanessa Denha Garmo interviewed Lori Williams about her business and the  ‘Ask the Lawyer’  Event scheduled for 9/15.  Click here to listen to the podcast.



Your Legal Resource featured in Spring Issue of Motion Magazine by Legal News

 Click here for the Article and Photos. 



Lori Williams, Women’s Divorce Resource Center Featured on Fox 2

Lori appeared on Fox 2 Detroit discussing the Women’s Divorce Resource Center, which is a non profit conducting monthly workshops to help women navigate the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce.  Lori Williams was a board member of the Women’s Divorce Resource Center at the time.