We Connect The Right Client
With The Right Professional

Your Legal Resource, PLLC is committed to connecting individuals and small businesses in need of legal advice or representation with honest, trustworthy, and experienced attorneys across the spectrum of legal services in Michigan.


Attorney Lori T. Williams – the “legal matchmaker” behind Your Legal Resource – heads a network of experienced, caring, and responsive Michigan lawyers throughout the metro Detroit area. While our team collectively covers the gamut of legal services for individuals and businesses, our attorneys individually focus on one or a few complimentary practice areas in which they have become knowledgeable and skilled over time.

Our referral services are free to the general public, and after gathering more information from you we can generally refer you to an experienced attorney that fits your personality and budget.

75 percent of Americans choose an attorney by asking a friend or family member for a name and number. The results are disturbing – less than 35 percent are satisfied, after the fact, with the services their attorney provided.

Knowing you need an attorney is one thing. Finding the best legal representation for your situation and feeling good about the results is something quite different.

Your Legal Resource goes beyond the casual “I know an attorney” referral. We give you much more than an impersonal, online list of names and numbers to wade through when you need help with legal matters.