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  1. Dion E. Roddy

    An update on In re AJR:

    The Michigan Supreme Court issued its opinion June 25, 2014, affirming the Appeals Court decision. The result is that if birth parents share joint legal custody of a child, then a birth parent joining his or her new spouse in a step parent adoption must either obtain the consent of the other birth parent or must first obtain sole legal custody in order to proceed to have the other birth parent’s rights terminated involuntarily. This decision has just made it much more complicated and difficult for a birth parent sharing joint legal custody with the other birth parent finalize a step parent adoption, even if the other birth parent has had no interaction with the child over a long stretch of time. This is especially true given the high threshold under the law to change a custody situation currently in place. In situations like these, it is now more important than ever to have a good attorney familiar in these areas of the law to help navigate you through the process.

  2. Joshua Mason

    This a great article thank you for sharing and the update.

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