Are you following the 3 C’s in your business?

Preston True was my guest speaker at last week’s lunch and learn and he challenged each of us to own our own marketing efforts.  While it is certainly appropriate to hire a marketing or PR consultant to help us with our marketing, our business success as service providers will be in direct proportion to the quality of our relationships.  People will hire us if they know, like, and trust us.  Marketing, Advertising, and PR can’t compensate for a lack of integrity, an inability to relate to others, or bad manners. 

Preston shared the 3 C’s that he follows in his own business and challenged us to look at ourselves to see how we are measuring up in these areas:

1)      Compass:  Do you have a clear objective of what you want to accomplish in your marketing efforts and who you want to serve?  Are you fine turning this always?  Or do you take the shotgun approach to try and hit anyone in your path, hoping someone will buy from you?  The shotgun approach produces fear, confusion, and desperation.  The compass approach allows you to state clear promises of whom and how you can help.

2)      Character: Do you do what you say you are going to do?  Integrity is paramount to trust.  Do you promote your own personal well being on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level?  We must first take care of ourselves before we can properly take care of our clients and loved ones.  Are you practicing being responsible in your business?  This means choosing to create results and allowing someone to hold you accountable to your promises and results.  |

3)      Collaboration:  No man is an Island.  Relationships are your greatest ingredient in your recipe for success.  You can collaborate with referral partners, clients, and marketing professionals to generate more business.  It’s important to dialogue with your clients regularly to make sure you are meeting their needs.  Provide a service they want and need, not what you want them to have.

For more information about Preston’s presentation, click here.  To learn more about Preston and his business, visit his website.

Points to Ponder and Share:

Of the 3 C’s above, which one is the biggest challenge for you and why?

Do you have a written marketing plan that you follow in your business?

What tools or methods have your found effective for measuring marketing results?

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