Family Law Overview

Most people know to talk to a marriage counselor when they are having problems in their marriage, and a divorce attorney when they’ve decided to file for divorce.  However, Divorce is only one component of family law, and not all family law attorneys handle all aspects of family law in

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Meet Your Legal Resource: Lori T. Williams

After practicing law for 14 years, I saw a need to connect clients seeking legal services with the right legal professional.  I created Your Legal Resource in 2004 to fulfill that need and we’ve helped thousands of Metro Detroiters over the years. I’ve spoken to clients who are frustrated by

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Tips for Finding the Right Attorney for You

Your Legal Resource takes the pain and expense out of searching for an attorney. After discussing what your legal needs are, we connect you with the right legal professional. There is no cost to the client to utilize our services, since we are paid a referral fee by the attorneys

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business lawyer

5 Reasons You Need A Business Attorney

A business attorney is a type of specialized lawyer familiar with the rules and regulations associated with business, corporations, LLCs, and more. Here are 5 reason you need a business attorney if you are a business owner. Creating the Proper Structure For Your Business The proper formation and legal structure

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seek advice from a lawyer

Top 10 Reasons to Seek Advice From a Lawyer

While you may not need an attorney on full time basis, there are many times it would be good to seek advice from a lawyer. Below are the top 10 reasons: Need to Sign A Contract? You may want a Business Law Attorney or Corporate Law Attorney to review the

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