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Women Lawyers Celebrate in Oakland and Wayne County this week

Over 25 Men and Women lawyers gathered and enjoyed tea, desserts, and watched a movie about the Suffrage Movement called “Iron Jawed Angels.” Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Michael Warren also attended with his daughter. The concept of Patriot’s Week began with Judge Warren. For more details of other activities associated with Patriot’s Week, click


What moves you?

For me, it is authenticity. When I witness courage in the face of adversity, kindness or generosity without reservation, unconditional love, and truth revealed, I am inspired. I am privileged to have people in my life who demonstrate all the aforementioned qualities on a regular basis. When I get inspired, I in turn want to share it with others. So that’s why I’ve written this blog post. I hope that you will enjoy some of the profound truths I’ve recently read as well as experienced.


Do you surround yourself with inspiring people?

Collaborating with people who are pursuing their passion has an infectious excitement. For me it is a privilege to share in their success, whether directly or directly.


A few of my favorite things

As the year comes to a close, I always enjoy reflecting on the past year and noticing all the blessings I’ve received, the relationships I’ve enjoyed, the meaningful work I’ve done, and how I’ve made a difference to others both personally and professionally.

While it may sound cliché, I agree that it is better to give than receive.


When Inspiration Strikes

Often when I’m engaged in some type of physical activity, I find my mind gets in creative mode. I’ll be enjoying the music in spin class and cranking up the resistance on my bike, when all of a sudden, I start thinking of article or seminar topics that seem to write themselves. Other times when I’ve blocked out “time to write” in my schedule, I don’t have anything to say. I don’t know how professional writers do it. Having writing deadlines seems challenging for me, with all the other things there is to do as a business owner.

Lately, I’ve been paying attention to the times I naturally feel compelled to share.