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Will Santa bring a resolution to the housing crisis for Christmas?

“Don’t hold your breath! Attorney Ken Gross feels that the Bank’s loan modification process is worse now than ever. The process is difficult; in some cases, it is necessary to push the matter to the brink of foreclosure in order to get the banks to agree to a short sale. You just don’t know how the process will go, until you try. Bankruptcy or another Debt Resolution program is available as a relief measure for those clients who can’t modify the loan or get approval from the bank on a short sale.”


New Twist on Buyer Beware

By:  Lori T. Williams, Esq., Oakland County Legal News Examiner We’ve all heard about the rising foreclosures and falling property values in Michigan and around the Country.  Homeowners may qualify for Government refinance programs or a loan modification.  However, homeowners need to proceed with caution, because not all companies are living up to their claims […]