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What Are You Resisting?

Some time ago I wrote an article called “What Are You Resisting?” (Click here for prior article). I find myself on the other side of resistance once again, and need to tell you about the experience. While I’ve entitled this post “part 2” of my resistance story, it’s most likely part 999, as I’ve experienced a fair amount of resistance during my 45 years on this planet.


Billy Jean Is Not My Number!

My 11 year old was belting out the above lyrics on his way to school today. Of course I corrected him, but then wondered, “do Rock Stars really care if you get their lyrics right; or are they just happy you are still singing any form of them after 20 years?” I bet Michael Jackson never imagined the next generation would be singing those lyrics, or the correct lyrics (Billy Jean is Not my Lover), so many years after he wrote them.