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Protect your intellectual property and your business

Entrepreneurs are, by their very nature, energetic risk-takers often with a singular focus on launching their product or service. That kind of dedication and focus is terrific for getting to market and developing value quickly. Unfortunately, that “get-it-done-and-work-out-the-problems-later” approach can have tragic consequences where the business’s intellectual property is neglected in the process; particularly for today’s startup businesses where IP (such as software, patents, and trademarks) plays a vital part. If the IP is not secure, the entire business value is in jeopardy. If the business value is in jeopardy, it may be very difficult finding investors or carrying out an exit strategy.


Can your business go on without you?

Business succession planning is important no matter the size of your business or whether you have employees. For many entrepreneurs, their business is one of their most important assets; yet, too often, they fail to plan for it.