Do you have an accountability partner?

The topic of Mastermind Groups has been popping up pretty regularly lately.  This is probably because I’m in one and my consciousness is raised on that topic, kind of like when you buy a new car and you start seeing them everywhere.  I was curious if any of you have ever been in one, or are currently in one, and what type of experience you had. 

So far, I’m really enjoying the process and feel very compatible with the 3 others in my group.  I am very much at ease sharing what is working and what I’m struggling with.  We created our group out of a desire to have a common spiritual (yet not religious) foundation.  Other groups may pick other core essentials.  We limited our group to four members intentionally to allow adequate time for each person to share.  The format we chose was to report on our progress (ie. goals achieved) since last session, a lesson facilitated by one of the group members on one of the 12 Keys to Riches (based on the book The Master Keys to Riches),  followed by goal setting between now and next session.  The backgrounds of our four group members include legal, accounting, financial services, and law.   

The thing that helps each of us the most is that we have 3 other accountability partners who support us in our goals.  We all check in with one another in between sessions, and ask how the others are doing working towards the goals they stated at the last session.   We meet once a month, and we do the check in about the 2nd or 3rd week after the previous session.  For me personally, it propels me into the action steps needed because I know I’m going to have to answer to someone and I want to be able to say I’m working towards the goal when the check in point arrives, and that I’ve completed it by the next session.   Without this structure of accountability, it would be all too easy too say, “I’ll get to that next month”, and maybe never reach my goals.  Having the intention of what you want to accomplish is very important, but so is following through on it.  Without accountability, to yourself or someone else, the follow through won’t happen. 

Another benefit to the group for me personally has been breaking down the goals or action steps into manageable pieces, as well as examining the goals or action steps to determine if I should be doing them.  Sometimes the group members encourage me not to do certain activities, because I’m not seeing results there, and they redirect me to what is working.  One of them said to me, “why get better at something that doesn’t work?  Why not keep doing what is working for you?” The activity in question was cold calling to firms that I didn’t yet have a relationship with, to try and start that relationship.  The group member encouraged me to keep focusing on the relationships I do have with firms and let that be my entry point to other contacts there, rather than starting with someone unknown to me.  At first I felt like I was being let off the hook but the more we talked about it, it just made sense.     

What type of accountability partners do you have in your business or personal life who help you reach your goals?  Is it a boss, a co-worker, a friend, a coach, a spouse, or personal trainer?  What results have they helped you achieve?  Describe a time when you wanted to give up on the goal, but they helped you stay on track.

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  1. Annamarie Moore

    I have some rather severe health issues that have become worse in recent months. Now that I will be getting medical insurance again, I’m going to be more proactive about getting healthier and staying that way. To that end, I will have some help. One would be my doctor. He has been amazing, but I haven’t been in to see him since early in the summer because I simply could not afford to go. Add to that the fact that I’ve had to skimp on various medications as well due to cost, and it’s easy to imagine what my health status is like now. I will be going back to see him in mid-February, and get back on track with my medications. These will help control my health status as well as help me with my weight, which also leads to a better health status. My doctor is one who listens to me, makes adjustments to his recommendations based on what my needs are, and above all, explains his reasoning. I’m sure that I will initially be required to see him once per month so that he can see my progress and how the dosage of the medications is working.

    The other person in my accountability team would be my husband. He does not know every detail about my health issues, but he knows the highlights. He reminds me to take my medications before meals, particularly if we are eating out – because he knows I occasionally forget. He gently encourages me to get more sleep and to do things to reduce my stress load because those have a direct, severe negative impact on my health. Best of all, he is a sounding board when the issues get overwhelming, and a problem shared is a problem halved. I’m lucky.

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