Lori continually operates from the highest level of integrity. She is one of the best and most professional networkers that I have ever met. She has a genuine interest in everyone she meets. Lori’s desire to assist each person she talks to is very clear to all the people that contact her. Her exceptional ability to listen to a situation, have compassion, use the utmost discretion, and use her legal and business experience to match her bank of professionals for that situation shows up in the praises and further referrals she receives. Lori is also an extremely good business person and project manager. Her excellent administrative skills leave little opportunity for details to be missed. Her ability to assess what is needed, put it in or have it addressed, and propel a project forward provides her clients with the positive results they are out to achieve. I highly recommend Lori to anybody that is in need of a professional and doesn’t know who to call. Lori will assist them. If you have a business project that requires integrity, professionalism and attention to details, Lori is the person.
Jeff Kaplan, Director of Mission Control