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National Business and Finance Detroit Business Insight Examiner, Anahid Derbabian

February 17, 4:09 PM

Michigan’s economy has led many law firms to downsize and attorneys to pursue their own practices. As a result, attorneys are seeking ways to network and create new business. A legal referral service in the Detroit metropolitan area, Your Legal Resource, has for the past five years helped lawyers connect with the right clients and generate more business. Attorney Lori T. Williams formed Your Legal Resource in June of 2004 to help people save time and money by directing them to the right attorney for the right situation. This legal matchmaker works with attorneys from solo and small firms who she’s known for 5-20 years and who have practiced for 10-30 years. Her consulting services and team of experts help attorneys establish themselves and generate business.

After 14 years of running a divorce law practice, Williams attended a workshop on The Purpose-Driven Life, where she experienced a “personal, professional and spiritual convergence, realizing I was meant to create relationships, instead of helping to end them in divorce,” she says. By forming Your Legal Resource, she was able to draw upon her legal background and her gifts of bringing people together. Throughout her legal career, Williams built teams of resources to help clients. She now utilizes that same ability of creating and recommending resources to bring people together with the right attorneys and other professionals.

“Lawyers acquire most of their business from referrals. When they identify their target audiences and partner with the right people within and outside of law, they increase their bottom line,” says Williams, adding that, “Lawyers are needed in good and bad times. Pockets of the law are always booming. As our economy improves, things will improve for the legal field in general,” she says.

Williams has become a frequent speaker and facilitator of events for attorneys. Last fall, Your Legal Resource began hosting well-attended lunch-and-learns for lawyers, with recent topics that include E-Discovery and Social Media Strategies for Attorneys. At a recent event, entitled Effective Law Firm Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line, she presented on how to create effective referral partners and strategic partners.

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WBA Mentorship Event

Lori Williams is the membership chair for the Women’s Bar Association and participated in the mentorship event on November 4th at Cooley Law School. Lori has committed to mentoring two female first year law students from the Auburn Hills campus of Cooley Law School.

Picture from Oakland Legal News, click image for larger view.


Detroit Legal News

Photo from 1/28/10 workshop at Automation Alley.

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Wayne State University Law School, February 11, 2010

Event Title: “When the Detour Becomes the Destination:  Alternative Work Settings”

Lori will be part of a panel of speakers who will discuss alternative careers for lawyers with recent law school graduates and 3rd year law students.  The event starts at 5:30pm in the Spencer M. Partrich Auditorium of the WSU Law School.


Effective Strategies to Increase Your Law Firm’s Bottom Line – 1/28

Speaker Panel

Speaker Panel: See names and topics below

Left to right:  Colleen Theuerkauf, Mike Palazolla, Susan Virgin, Stott Matthews

Sponsors left to right: Colleen Theuerkauf, Mike Palazolla, Susan Virgin, Stott Matthews

Guests enjoying food and networking before event.

Guests enjoying food and networking before event.





Over 30 people attended the workshop at Automation Alley on 1/28/10 called Effective Strategies to Improve Your Law firm’s Bottom Line.

See speaker panel in first photo above, who spoke on the following topics:
(Back row left to right)
David Benjamin, social media strategist “5 Social Media Tools You Can’t Afford to Ignore”
Jason Ryan, Vison Fuel Media “Improvement Strategies To Simplify Your Website”
Tim Flynn, Karlstrom Cooney, LLP, “Legal Implications of Social Media in the Law Firm”

(Front row left to right)
Elisabeth Garbeil, Emcee, Business Coach Lori Williams, Your Legal Resource, “Creating Effective Referral Partners and Strategic Partners”  Click here to watch and listen to Lori’s talk.

Guests provided great feedback about the event, including the following testimonial:”Today’s program was the best we each have attended – – tons of value for a very modest price. The speakers, including you, were outstanding! We are grateful to have this cutting-edge knowledge BEFORE we open our doors! Again, great job to all…”