7 Steps to Find your Passion, Explode your Niche!

At our lunch and learn for professionals on January 27th, Business Coach and Consultant, Janet Pasco, shared the 7 steps involved in discovering your gifts and passion so you can explode your niche market:

Pursue it                   

Set aside reflective time regularly, at least an hour per week, to think about and develop your passion.  Avoid the trap of constant activity, stimulation, and urgency.  Without reflective quiet time, you won’t get the quality of insight you are looking for.  Schedule a date with yourself for this one hour a week, and be sure to keep it! 

Confront your fears, big or small. Does the fear of rejection stop you from meeting new people or picking up the phone to make that call?  Fear stops forward momentum and kills creativity.  We can all learn  to identify and move through our fears and succeed, but it’s a process.  Small changes can make dramatic differences.  Your sweet spot can be an intersection of the right kind of work, in the right environment, that works for your life.  Sometimes removing a thorn or two can dramatically increase your enjoyment.   Passion may involve not WHAT but HOW you do it.


Some common assessment tools include Myers Brigg, DISC, Strengths Finder 2.0.  Using an assessment tool can help you discover your strengths and you can turn those insights into a way to market your services.  Operating from your areas of strength, will maximize your performance.  Marcus Buckingham, a researcher with The Gallup Organization, found that you get 100 times greater return on investment from maximizing your strengths, than if you tried to correct your weaknesses.  Focusing on fixing weaknesses will make you functional, at best. 

Study your past success

Look for the moments of  “Flow.”  Flow is when you are so engaged in what you are doing, that it seems effortless.  You lose track of time, you get satisfaction from the activity, and other people notice it.

Record your findings.  Journaling with pen and paper is a path to a different kind of insight, which taps into emotion as well as intellect.  It makes the abstract concrete.   Get specific about what you will do with your new insights.  Share them with a friend/colleague.

Stand for it

When you find your passion, live it!  In a service business, it’s often not the “WHAT” but the “HOW” you do something that makes you different and brings you success.  


When you are really being you, it is  authentic & natural.  People won’t be bored listening to you introduce yourself.


Be open to feedback from others.  I recommend the 360 Degree Reach Feedback tool. It can be found at www.reachcc.com.   Try the free version and discover the “brand” you already are, based on how others who know you, see you.

Narrow it down

Be clear in your message. What specific words define you that you want to include in your marketing?  Be tangible and finite in your message, and be focused on application.  Look for the bright spots, define them and apply them everywhere.  

For more information, read Janet’s introductory article on this topic, or contact her directly.  To put these steps into action for yourself, set aside 30 minutes this week to examine your level of passion for your business and ask yourself these questions:

When did I feel the most alive this week?

When did I feel life draining out of me?

How can I rearrange my time/duties to make more time for the activities where I felt most alive?

Where did I make a difference today?

Why do I feel like I made a difference?

What was I doing when I felt  most effective/successful today or this week?

What is my plan to translate these insights into an action plan to increase the passion I feel for my business?



Janet Pasco is the owner of Inroads to Success, LLC, a business coaching & consulting firm that helps entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs to build a plan which will take them from an abstract idea to an operating business.  Janet launched her company in 2009, after 25 years in commercial lending with a career long commitment to training and mentoring bankers and clients. For more information and to contact Janet, visit her LinkedIn profile.

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