Going with the Flow

As a strategist and planner by nature,  I sometimes struggle with letting things happen naturally.  Certainly, I allow for spontaneity and creativity throughout my week, and some down time.  However, when I plan a task or an event, I expect it to go as planned.  Usually the final result is what I had planned, but the struggle for me is in “allowing” it to take shape. 

That space between the idea and the result is often incredibly frustrating for me.  It seems that the plan isn’t coming together, but really it is.  It’s where faith intervenes.  I need to trust my plan and let it evolve, rather than trying to rush or worry about the outcome. 

For instance, I planned an event a month or more before the intended date and expected a certain number of people to attend.  I sent out the invitations and saw some early signups, which was encouraging.  Then there was a lull as it got closer to the event.   I didn’t panic, but started to wonder if I was going to meet the goal.  Then another invitation went out, which yielded a few more signups, and so on.  A couple days before the event I had almost written off my goal entirely and mentally given up on it, resigning myself to  the concept that “it is what it is.”  But in that moment, it seemed to pick up steam again and more people signed up for the event.  By the date of the event, I had met or exceeded my original attendance goal and the people who attended found value and gained all that I had hoped initially. 

So why do I torture myself in between the idea and the result?  Why do I lose faith in myself and the idea?  It’s because in that space between the idea and the result, I must surrender control.  I can plan for everything to go well, but there are still many factors outside my control.  Other people will choose to attend or not.  Another speaker or I need  to deliver the content that will connect with the audience.  The participants need to show up both physically and mentally and receive the information.  There are the logistical issues too:  the facility space,  food and/or beverage choices,  cost or free event pricing.  If any of those factors don’t work, the event won’t be a success.       

But somehow it always works and before I know it, I’m at the event, enjoying it with my guests, and planning the next one.  Next time I have the opportunity to do it differently and trust a little more during the stage where forces outside my control come together.  My track record has repeatedly proven that my good intentions and careful planning can and do produce quality events, so I need to have faith that if you invite them, they will come.     

What do you struggle with when it comes to planning and achieving goals?  Is it hard for you to get started?  Do you finish strong?  Do you change direction half way through?  Do you get distracted and forget to finish what you start? 

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