How do you stay connected?

I just saw a statistic that 48% of parents “friend” their kids on Facebook.  I’m one of them.  Frankly, I’m surprised there aren’t more parents who do this.  Maybe those parents who don’t aren’t using the tool themselves, or perhaps their kids aren’t old enough to use it yet. 

As a parent of a teen and a tween, I reached out to both of them on Facebook.  I wasn’t watching them like a hawk, but did observe comments they made, just as I observed the comments of my business network.  My teen has since “un-friended” his dad and I, but my sister remains connected to him on Facebook.  I believe it’s good to have some family members in the loop, unofficially “monitoring” our kids on Facebook.  I think more than ever, “it takes a village” to raise our kids and keep them safe these days. 

It’s been interesting  to see old school friends, former neighbors, even distant relatives coming out of the woodwork and connecting with me on Facebook.   I’m someone who likes to use all my social media platforms to build business relationships, but Facebook does lend itself to more of the personal conversations.  I can generally fit my whole message into a post on Facebook, even when catching up with someone about the last 20 years.  I like that my message on Facebook isn’t limited to 140 characters, as it is on Twitter.  Both tools have value for me, and I’ve learned to be concise when using both platforms for business communications.  However, when I have a long personal story to tell, or I’m responding to someone who wants to really engage in a conversation, I find Facebook to be a better communication tool. 

Of course, we can always pick up the phone and have an actual conversation, but I haven’t resorted to that yet with my Facebook friends. The phone is still my primary tool for business communications, along with email.  I also use the phone for longer conversations with very close friends and family members.  My sons primarily text me, but occasionally leave an actual message or have a live conversation with me on the phone.

Share your feedback on one or more of the following questions:

What’s your primary communication tool for family members, friends, and business associates? 

Do you ‘friend’ your kids and other family members on Facebook? 

Do you find it easier to stay in touch with people from your past, by using social media platforms? 

Have you found social media platforms to be an effective relationship building tool?

How effective has it been for you as a business development tool?

Thanks for reading and engaging in conversation!

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5 responses to “How do you stay connected?”

  1. Jen Marsik Friess

    Hi Lori,

    I’m like you, although I am friends on Facebook with people who are business contacts, I use it mostly for personal, more casual conversations. Facebook is high school to be continued. I know many people who don’t know what to do with people from high school. You never talked to them then, should you start now?

    I find social media platforms invaluable for me professionally and personally.
    After I moved to Metro Detroit, I used Twitter to find locals, and have built many very valuable relationships.

  2. David Benjamin

    Like most people, I communicate via phone, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, and face to face. Which platform I choose depends on business vs. pleasure and who I am connecting to, what platform is easiest for them.

    I don’t have kids and my family besides my sister is not on the Internet, which is probably a good thing.

  3. Annamarie Moore

    I communicate with family and friends and former coworkers/contacts through Facebook quite a bit. I absolutely LOATHE Twitter and refuse to use it. Of course, I also use the phone (texting included) and face-to-face as well. I like Facebook because I can keep in contact with people all over the world and not get charged a fortune to do it.

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