Dear Lori,

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write this! Life is always so busy! But it’s good to take time for people who take extra time for us, like you!

You were a lifesaver when I needed to find a good, affordable, preferably Christian Family Law attorney for my unusual case of Separate Maintenance Action. You discerned my needs right at the very beginning when it was all so new to me that I didn’t even know yet myself what my needs were! I felt totally confident that you would find me the best person for my needs, and you did. I’m so glad that I contacted you right away – I’m sure it saved me a lot of time and worry – I’ve heard other people’s stories at DivorceCare (at NorthRidge Church, Northville, also a huge help!) – I’ve recommended you to several of them to help make their search easier and more productive. I really appreciated your follow-up calls to me too. And you were so understanding and pleasant to talk to, yet always professional and competent – just what I needed at that difficult time!

In short, I can’t say enough to thank you or to recommend your service to others. Thanks for being there for me!


Kathlyn J.