Legal News

  1. Large-Firm Lawyers Increasingly Striking Out On Their Own
    By: Rachel Breitman, The American Lawyer
  2. How Blogging Affects Legal Proceedings
    By: Richard Raysman and Peter Brown, New York Law Journal
  3. For Large Firms, Alternate Billing Makes Inroads
    By: Gina Passarella
  4. Virtual Law Firms Stay Afloat in Tough Times
    By: Katheryn Hayes Tucker, Fulton County Daily Report
  5. Are Today’s Lawyers Stretched Too Far?
    By: Susan Beck
  6. For Midsize Firms, Opportunities Abound
    By: Zack Needles
  7. Twitter for Law Firm Business Development
    By: David A. Barrett
  8. Is SEO snake oil?  Here’s the truth about search engine optimization for law firm websites By: Dion Algeri

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