Resourceful: Lawyer Serves As ‘Connector’ For Her Clients

By Debra Talcott
Legal News

After spending 14 years of her career as a divorce lawyer, Lori Williams decided it was time to take her talents in a new direction that would bring people together rather than help them go their separate ways.

In June 2004 she launched “Your Legal Resource,” a unique referral service that connects clients with the best attorneys for their particular situations. “I enjoyed my work and my clients, and I generated a good income, but I decided to pursue something that would bring me joy, use all my gifts, and allow me to make a difference to others every day,” says Williams. “I’m a matchmaker at heart, a relationship builder — not a relationship ender.”

Williams says that research showed 75 percent of Americans chose an attorney by asking a friend or family member for a reference, with less than 35 percent being satisfied with the services they received.  That is why Your Legal Resource goes beyond the casual “I know an attorney” referral and takes the time to understand each case and each client’s financial situation and personality before recommending an attorney who will be a good “fit.”

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