By: Lori T. Williams, Owner and Managing Attorney of Your Legal Resource, PLLC

After practicing law for 14 years, I saw a need to connect clients seeking legal services with the right legal professional.  I created Your Legal Resource in 2004 to fulfill that need,and we’ve helped thousands of Metro Detroiters over the years.

I have seen clients who are frustrated by searching through the phone book or internet, trying to find the right attorney. I have also seen clients who are frustrated by the low level of service they received from other attorneys, prior to working with me and my team of attorneys. These and other situations create the opportunity for miscommunication and a less-than-optimal outcome for you as a client.

There is another option. Drawing upon my 14 years of experience as a practicing attorney and law firm owner for most of that time, I have worked with a number of legal specialists who each handle key areas of the law and who are committed to hearing, understanding, and meeting the client’s needs. I have personal knowledge of them, so I understand what they are capable of and the types of situations in which they are most effective.

In a sense, I am a legal matchmaker. I will be your initial contact and based on your needs, I will help you select the right attorney for the legal matter you need completed. The selected attorney will not only have the technical skills you require, but will also have the personality and temperament to understand your needs and desires and be effective in achieving the best outcome for you.

There is no fee to you when you use my services. If you hire one of the attorneys I recommend, that attorney will pay a referral fee to me as the referring attorney. They do not increase their fee to you in order to pay my fee. I am also available as a sounding board for you or the selected attorney, as needed, during the case or legal transaction, and to provide referrals to other professionals that you may need.

Whether you need an attorney to handle a divorce, prepare a will, handle the purchase or sale of a home, help you with an accident case, starting a business, or another legal matter, feel free to call Lori T. Williams, Your Legal Resource at 248-594-4470.

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