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July 2011


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This month's theme is about Bankruptcy law.  Read Articles 1 and 2 below, to learn about some of the pros and cons of Bankruptcy.        


Feel free to contact me if you have questions about this or other areas of law. I'd be happy to refer you to the right attorney for your situation.      





Lori T. Williams, Esq.

Owner/Managing Attorney
Your Legal Resource, PLLC

Article 1:  Bankruptcy Misconceptions and Truth revealed


By: Lori T. Williams, Esq.


Attorney Julie Smyk shares some common misconceptions people have about Bankruptcy, and the corresponding truth about this area of law.  Click here to read the full article.  


Julie advises each client to have their personal financial situation reviewed by an experienced Bankruptcy attorney, so they'll know what legal options are right for them. Click here to learn the differences between Chapter 7 and 13, and other relief available to individuals with debt issues.  


While it may be tempting to draw your own conclusions by researching articles on the internet or talking to friends about what they did, ultimately each person's debt issues and available recourse needs to be looked at individually by an experienced and knowledgeable professional. I advise the clients I talk with to seek this advice from a Bankruptcy attorney.  The attorneys I work with don't recommend you file for Bankruptcy if it isn't going to improve your situation. If credit counseling is really what you need, I'll recommend those resources.  If credit repair is needed, I can recommend those resources.  If your house has an upside down mortgage but your overall financial picture is otherwise in good shape, you may want to discuss loan modification options instead of Bankruptcy.

The best advice is to explore all your options with trained professionals and make the best choice for you.  There is no one size fits all remedy out there.  People sometimes mistakenly think that Bankruptcy is for anyone with "too much debt".  What's too much debt?  That's a subjective determination based on your assets, debts, income, and other circumstances (health issues, job loss, recent divorce, etc.) 


I've heard from couples who feel paralyzed because debt is putting a strain on their marriage and they don't know if they should file for Divorce or Bankruptcy, or both.   Getting advice from a Bankruptcy Attorney or Divorce Attorney, doesn't mean you are going to file for Divorce or Bankruptcy.  But you'll be informed of your legal options and can determine your next steps.  You might be able to save the marriage and eliminate the debt, by working with the right professionals.  




Article 2: Does Bankruptcy do more harm than good?


By:  Lori T. Williams, Esq.


I recently spoke with local tax attorney Stephen Dunn, who shared his views about how Consumer Bankruptcy can actually do more harm than good, especially where tax laws are involved.  In the first of two recent articles published by Forbes, Stephen said "before filing a bankruptcy case, a consumer needs to determine whether it is truly in his or her best interests.   In this regard the consumer should seek the advice of legal counsel independent of that recommending the filing of a bankruptcy case.  Standing and dealing with your debts may be wiser than trying to run from them."  

In the second article, Dunn elaborates as follows:  "Relief from taxes in bankruptcy is illusory.  I have come to realize that the 10-year statute of limitations on collections is the tax debtor's best friend.  Under 26 USC 6503(h)(2), the filing of a bankruptcy case extends the collection statute by the pendency of the bankruptcy case plus six months.  IRS will not acknowledge in writing that taxes have been discharged in bankruptcy.  IRS certainly will not record discharge of a Notice of Federal Tax Lien recorded in a register of deeds' office.  The Federal tax lien may well continue in the debtor's property notwithstanding discharge of the debtor in bankruptcy."   

For full articles, click here.







Did you know....


Bankruptcy lawyers focus on different things in their practice.  Some represent debtors, others represent creditors.  Some focus on Chapter 7 Bankruptcies (focused on discharge of debts for individual consumers), while others focus on a Chapter 11 (focused on reorganization of business debt) or Chapter 13 (reorganization of an individual's debts).  Some handle all of the above.  


Fees for these matters can vary considerably, depending on the type and complexity of the case, and the level of experience of the attorney and size of practice.  For instance, some high volume firms will charge less than smaller firms who are more selective about which cases they'll take on.  


If you need an experienced Bankruptcy attorney to advise you of your rights so you can determine if that is the best option for you, call me for a referral.  As a 22 year attorney, I take the guess work out of hiring a professional, because I connect you with the right specialist for your situation.  Call me today for a free referral at 248-594-4470.






Most people know when they need an attorney, and they might even know an attorney or two.  Yet, often they don't know how to find the right attorney for their situation. 


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75% of Americans hire an attorney recommended by their family.  

65% of them are unhappy with the services that attorney provided.


Don't you deserve better Odds than that? 


Attorney Lori Williams has put together a large network of lawyers she personally knows and has worked with over the past 20 years, who are located throughout Metro Detroit, and are ready to serve you.  Each lawyer has experience (10-30 years) in their particular area of law, and will handle your legal issues promptly, professionally and affordably.  You'll receive a FREE referral to the right attorney for you, whether it be for personal legal services as an individual, or for your small business. 


Our team of specialists cover all the areas of law in Metro Detroit, including:



-Employment Law; 


-Real Estate (including Foreclosures/Loan Modifications/Landlord Tenant matters);  


-Business Law (Set up a corporation or  LLC; protect intellectual property through patents, trademarks, copyrights; draft/review contracts or operating agreements or licensing agreements for your business; tax planning, etc.);


-Estate Planning and Succession planning  (wills/trusts/powers of attorney; buy sell agreements);

 -Family Law (divorce/custody/support);


-Personal Injury;   


-Workers Compensation;


-Social Security Disability;



-Criminal matters; 



Call today for a free consultation and referral

 and get the legal help you need!  



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Lori T. Williams is a 22 year attorney and the owner of a legal referral and legal consulting business knows as Your Legal Resource.  She connects the right client in need of legal advice or representation with the right attorney.  Her team of attorneys cover all areas of law throughout Metro Detroit.


Lori also helps solo/small firm attorneys and other professionals start and grow their practices by effectively branding and marketing themselves,  

mastering networking, and creating effective strategic relationships to generate clients and revenue.

Your referrals are the heart and soul of our business and we are very grateful for them.  Call us today if you know anyone in need of legal advice or any attorneys looking to grow their practice.





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