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August 2011


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This month's theme is about Family law.  Read Articles 1 and 2 below, to learn about how divorce impacts college planning and funding, and mortgage financing.  In our "did you know" section, I discuss the differences between pre nuptial agreements, divorce, separation, and collaborative divorce.         


Feel free to contact me if you have questions about this or other areas of law. I'd be happy to refer you to the right attorney for your situation.      





Lori T. Williams, Esq.

Owner/Managing Attorney
Your Legal Resource, PLLC

Article 1:  The implications of divorce on college funding


By: Lori T. Williams, Esq.


I interviewed Certified College Planning Specialist, Jeff Taylor, about how divorce impacts college funding.  Taylor has many single moms as clients, and knows this situation well.  "Divorce can cause you to forfeit money you would otherwise be entitled to if you aren't planning properly before, during, and after the divorce," says Taylor.  How assets will be or are distributed, income levels of the parents, and the amount of alimony and child support paid all play into the equation of whether and how much funding will be available for college.  To help divorced parents obtain college funding for their children, Taylor offers these strategies: (Click here for full article)







Article 2: The implications of divorce on mortgage financing


By:  Lori T. Williams, Esq.


I interviewed David Keblaitis, Owner of Home Funding Group, about how divorce impacts a borrower's mortgage financing.  "Often the person keeping the home is mandated by the divorce decree to refinance the marital home to remove the other party from the current mortgage," says Keblaitis.  "This can be problematic when the home is under water and there isn't sufficient equity to refinance the home."  However, there are solutions available and Keblaitis believes in finding the right mortgage product for each client's needs.  (Click here for full article) 








Did you know....

By:  Lori T. Williams, Esq.


Family law attorneys focus on different things in their practice.  Some handle divorce and paternity matters, while others prefer to handle custody cases or adoptions. Other family law attorneys focus on juvenile matters, or abuse and neglect cases. Some divorce attorneys only handle uncontested divorces, while others handle all types of divorce.  


Collaborative Divorce is a relatively new type of divorce in Michigan, dating back to 2004.  It is a process involving the married couple and two collaborative law trained attorneys who work together to resolve all issues concerning property, debts, alimony, child support, and custody and then file the paperwork with the Court to finalize the divorce.  These cases don't require a Judge's decision to resolve disputes, because all issues have been addressed and resolved amicably between the parties and their attorneys. A collaborative trained financial advisor (to help with financial issues) and mental health professional (called a divorce coach, to help with custody or parenting time issues) can be brought into the process, as needed.  The final decree signed by the Court in a traditional divorce and a collaborative divorce is called a Judgment of Divorce.  


A Legal Separation, or Separate Maintenance Action as they are known in Michigan, is a way for a married couple to stay married yet live separately. Division of assets and debts, payment of alimony and/or child support, and issues of custody and parenting time are addressed in the final Judgment, much like in a divorce action.  Some couples choose this option for religious reasons.  Or if one of them is elderly and/or in poor health, it might make sense to stay married to preserve the insurance as a married couple.  Whereas, the maximum health insurance allowed through COBRA is 3 years from the entry of the Judgment of Divorce.   


An annulment is a legal action that declares the marriage void, and treats it as though it never happened.  These cases are rare because they have to allege and prove fraud or duress by one of the parties to induce the other party into marriage, and the petition for annulment must be filed before the parties consummate the marriage. There are additionalr grounds for annulment, as stated in the Michigan Compiled Laws.     


Pre-nuptial agreements (known as ante-nuptial agreements in Michigan) are marriage contracts entered into prior to marriage. They are valid if entered into knowingly, willingly, and with adequate and separate counsel for each party.   These agreements address how assets would be divided in the event of a divorce.  These are fairly common in second (or subsequent) marriages, especially if there are children involved from prior relationships.  They are also common when substantial assets belong to one or both of the parties getting married.  Some couples enter into post-nuptial agreements, for the same reasons, soon after the marriage to preserve assets in the event of a divorce.


Fees vary for these various agreements and processes and it is advisable to work with an experienced family law attorney who is very familiar with the process you are seeking.


If you need an experienced family law attorney to advise you of your legal rights, call me for a referral.  As a 22 year attorney, who owned a family law practice for 14 years, I take the guess work out of hiring a legal professional, because I connect you with the right specialist for your situation.  Call me today for a free referral at 248-594-4470.






Most people know when they need an attorney, and they might even know an attorney or two.  Yet, often they don't know how to find the right attorney for their situation. 


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75% of Americans hire an attorney recommended by their family.  

65% of them are unhappy with the services that attorney provided.


Don't you deserve better Odds than that? 


Attorney Lori Williams has put together a large network of lawyers she personally knows and has worked with over the past 20 years, who are located throughout Metro Detroit, and are ready to serve you.  Each lawyer has experience (10-30 years) in their particular area of law, and will handle your legal issues promptly, professionally and affordably.  You'll receive a FREE referral to the right attorney for you, whether it be for personal legal services as an individual, or for your small business. 


Our team of specialists cover all the areas of law in Metro Detroit, including:


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-Real Estate (including Foreclosures/Loan Modifications/Landlord Tenant matters);  


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-Estate Planning and Succession planning  (wills/trusts/powers of attorney; buy sell agreements);

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