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 May 2011


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This month's theme is about real estate law.  Read Article 1 below, to learn what local professionals are saying about the local and national real estate market, including a recent court decision positively impacting foreclosures in Michigan. 


Article 2 below is from an environmental attorney who shares the latest on the Brownfield Redevelopment Legislation and why these incentives are good for Michigan.        


I'd love to hear your thoughts on how the real estate market is impacting your home or business.      






Lori T. Williams, Esq.

Owner/Managing Attorney
Your Legal Resource, PLLC

Article 1:  Real Estate Update on short sales, loan modifications, foreclosures


By: Lori T. Williams, Esq.


I interviewed several local professionals in the real estate industry to learn their perspectives on our local real estate market. Attorney Ken Gross commented on the recent Michigan Court of Appeals decision, Residential Funding Co. v Saurman.  "The Court held that foreclosures conducted by advertisement (the typical manner) in the name of Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) as the mortgagee rather than the true lender, are invalid. This situation applies to many of the foreclosures that have occurred in Michigan. This decision means if someone has already had their home foreclosed and is in their 6 month redemption period, they now have a defense that can be used to challenge the foreclosure and make the lender start over. Better yet, in this situation, if the borrower missed the opportunity to seek a modification, they may again have another chance. While the case may be appealed or the legislature could act to limit the decision - for now, for once, something good has come to help the Michigan homeowner in the war to save their home."


Local realtors and loss mitigation specialists commented about how their clients are impacted by the latest rules and procedures involving short sales, loan modifications and foreclosures.  Additionally, a home staging specialist shared the benefits of home staging to the homeowner (in the case of a traditional sale) or bank (in the case of a foreclosure), in terms of increased sale price and shortened time on market.   



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Article 2:  Brownfield Tax Credits, Good for Michigan


By:  Lori T. Williams, Esq.


I interviewed Attorney Arthur Siegal, who is an environmental attorney at Jaffe. Arthur is passionate about Green Energy and Brownfield Redevelopment and its impact on local properties.  He shares his perspective on the Brownfield Tax Credits, which are in danger of elimination under Governor Snyder's Budget proposal.


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Did you know....


Real Estate lawyers focus on different things in their practice.  Some handle traditional sales and purchases, others focus on short sales and loan modifications, some handle landlord tenant matters, and others specialize in environmental law and its impact on real estate.


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