This week’s guest blogger is my friend the accomplished writer, Linda Angér, Founder and President of  The Write Concept.  When I think of Linda, the words tenacity, perseverance, and resilience come to mind.  This is a recent blog post representative of what you can expect to see in the book she is currently penning on the Joy of Adversity.




Nothing is ever as it seems

By: Linda Anger


I’ve been asking myself where I want to be a year from now.

Not setting resolutions, but designing, creating the visuals and emotions, reviewing the circumstances and actions of the last year, and choosing to overplay the positive rather than dwell on the negative.

Last January, and for a period of 9 months, the outpatient clinic at my local hospital was my second home. I was there 5 days a week for chemotherapy and all the ancillary tests and injections that are part of cancer treatment.

I had hoped, in 2010, to expand my business networking, ghostwrite a few books, edit some others, write lots of brochures and websites, and put significant time towards finishing a personal book project.

None of those things happened.

At another time in my life, I might have given in to self-deprecation, beat myself up, been the perfect candidate for a padded cell and a troupe of behavioral psychologists.

And yet, I look back today and say, “Wow, I made great progress!”  – because nothing is ever as it seems, and this amazing universe sent me on a journey far more compelling and exciting than I could ever have imagined.

Sitting in a chemo chair for seven hours at a time brings great opportunity to observe people, including yourself. I learned a lot about what I can endure, and where I struggle.

Sleeping through entire days as a result of chemotherapy distorts your sense of time and you place. I learned to listen to my body and ignore the clock and calendar.

When you are thrust into the gerbil-wheel of cancer treatment, medical terms and procedures are thrown at you lightening speed. Physicians expect you to do what they say. I learned to question everything, research my options, and stand my ground in managing my own treatment.

When you are self-employed and unable to socialize or network because contracting a simple cold or flu could overtake your compromised immune system and kill you, your business  suffers. I learned to pace myself with the few long-term projects I had, and found great joy in being able to focus fully on them.

In years past, it was no challenge at all to be hard on myself when I didn’t meet goals.

This year, I’m choosing to overplay the positive rather than dwell on the negative.

I made progress in 2010.

I had cancer. I survived.
And now I thrive.

My business suffered.
It survived.
As people hear that I’m back, as I’m getting out at last and networking, work is coming.

My personal writing goals went out the window for awhile.
And now, I have two new novels in progress, plus the framework for a guidebook of sorts for people going through cancer – everything I learned from dealing with hospitals and state services to cancer-specific cookbooks and organizations that actually help you.

Nothing is ever as it seems – and for that, I am so very grateful.

What unexpected and life-changing thing did you learn in 2010?


Linda Anger founded The Write Concept in 2000 after 20+ years in the corporate sector. Her marketing communications clients have included HAVEN, DaimlerChrysler Corporation, Valeo Corporation, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center Foundation, Golson Books (NYC), Hanek Design (NYC), The Pink Fund, and small businesses in virtually every industry. For more information, visit her website or blog.


Lori T. Williams is a 22 year attorney based in Birmingham, MI. She owns a legal referral and legal consulting business called Your Legal Resource, PLLC. She assists individuals and small businesses in need of legal advice or representation by connecting them with the right legal specialist for their situation. She also provides consulting services for attorneys and other professional service providers on how to generate more business through effective branding, marketing, networking, and by creating strategic partnerships. For more information, visit

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