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By: Lori T. Williams, Esq.

I recently met John Richardson, who is the owner and creative director of a video production and marketing company called Motion Echo Media.  John is in the process of obtaining a trademark for a video business card he developed.  He brings business owners and professionals to life in a one minute video that can be used in an email signature, on a website, or in a video resume.

Click here to play a 1 minute video of John introducing his company:

John received his Electrical Engineering Degree in 1991 and a Masters in Engineering Management in 1999 from Oakland University, before beginning his 20 year career in automotive engineering.  During that time, photography and videography was a hobby of John’s.  2 years ago, John transitioned out of automotive engineering and turned his long time passion for videography into his next career.

“I wanted to help businesses grow, by employing the latest video technology to create video products that would benefit my customers.”  John started with video for websites, as the internet became a more popular marketing tool.  Six months later, he added video resumes as more people found themselves in transition during the economic shift.  He worked with virtual recruiting companies, like Hired My Way.  From there, John created a video business card to help people introduce themselves and their products and services to potential customers through email.

According to John, “the video puts the customer at ease and significantly increases the likelihood of converting a lead to a sale.”   Originally John was targeting realtors, insurance professionals, financial advisors, and automotive sales professionals as his customer base.  He now sees that he could expand into medical, legal, IT, and a multitude of other industries where developing a trust relationship is key to converting a prospect into a client.

“The website videos and business card email is a non-threatening, low cost way for the prospective client or customer to ‘meet’ their potential trusted advisor”, says John.  “I see this technology as an emerging trend which will become common place over time.”


Do you prefer to watch a video, read an article, or have a mixture of both for a topic of interest to you?

Do you currently use video as a marketing tool in your business? If so, what feedback/results are you generating?

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