Taking a blog break

After faithfully blogging for 5 years every Tuesday, I took a much needed break effective January 2014.

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The core of my business is still providing legal referrals to trusted, affordable legal specialists in Southeast Michigan when individuals or small businesses need legal advice or representation. I am grateful to have helped thousands of  Metro Detroit clients with their legal needs in all areas of law, through my team of affordable specialists.  Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help you or someone you know in need of legal advice or representation in Michigan.





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Lori T. Williams is an attorney based in Birmingham, MI, licensed in 1989.  As owner of a legal referral business called Your Legal Resource, PLLC, Lori personally assists individuals and small businesses in need of legal advice or representation in Metro Detroit by connecting them with the right legal specialist to meet their needs. Click here for a pdf of legal referral services. 

Through group training and events, Lori also focuses on referral marketing strategies for attorneys and other professionals. For more information about Lori or Your Legal Resource, visit www.bestlegalresource.com.  For networking events, training programs, and workshop information, visit: www.bestlegalresource.com/events.


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