Kathlyn J. – Seeking A Family Law Attorney

Dear Lori,

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write this! Life is always so busy! But it’s good to take time for people who take extra time for us, like you!

You were a lifesaver when I needed to find a good, affordable, preferably Christian Family Law attorney for my unusual case of Separate Maintenance Action. You discerned my needs right at the very beginning when it was all so new to me that I didn’t even know yet myself what my needs were! I felt totally confident that you would find me the best person for my needs, and you did. I’m so glad that I contacted you right away – I’m sure it saved me a lot of time and worry – I’ve heard other people’s stories at DivorceCare (at NorthRidge Church, Northville, also a huge help!) – I’ve recommended you to several of them to help make their search easier and more productive. I really appreciated your follow-up calls to me too. And you were so understanding and pleasant to talk to, yet always professional and competent – just what I needed at that difficult time!

In short, I can’t say enough to thank you or to recommend your service to others. Thanks for being there for me!


Kathlyn J.


Alice M. – Seeking A Family Law Attorney

Dear Lori,

I felt so fortunate to run into Lori Williams that day at the coffee shop. I was going through a horrible time, contemplating divorce with my husband of 13 years. Not wanting to just go through the yellow pages, I had asked a few friends and co-workers if they knew any family law attorneys. This was difficult since I had to tell them why, and I really did not want everyone to know at that point that I was considering leaving my spouse. There were too many questions and I felt like the bad guy, wanting to leave him, especially since we have children who were 2 and 10 years old. I did meet with a couple of the attorneys my friends referred me to, but neither felt right.

Lori was easy to talk to right from the start and it was a great comfort knowing someone was there to help and had the contacts I needed to get through this difficult time. She assessed my situation and gave me referrals in which she found to “fit” me and my situation. She was heaven-sent, giving me the strength to move forward in what I know is the right thing to do for me and my kids. She gave me the contact information for a couple attorneys as well as counselors who could help me through this transition. I am happy with the attorney she recommended and feel confident that I have someone on my side that will work for my best interests.

As I said, I feel lucky to have run into Lori. I was working out of the office that day, on my laptop. Lori was meeting with someone at a nearby table, discussing what she did and how she helped people. I could not help but overhear the conversation, since her warmth and professionalism shined through. I walked up and handed her my card and asked her to call me. I am so glad I did.

Alice M.


Jeff J. – Seeking A Counselor And Family Law Attorney

Dear Lori,

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Aldona has been for me as a counselor. I have used professional therapists before to work out issues, and most have been very good. Aldona has been absolutely outstanding. You were right. I believe, gauging both of our personalities, your intuition was right that we would work well together. She has helped me turn myself back around rather quickly and has been very helpful and affirming without being judgemental. She is very gifted and has been very helpful so that I’ve been continuing to grow as a person through my current difficulties, and am actually getting stronger and more determined.

I’ve decided I’m now going to contact Susan as I may need her legal counsel in the coming months. It’s great to have someone you can trust to connect you with good resources. I can’t say I’ve ever had anyone like you who could help to this extent, but it really makes a difference. Thank you for being able to refer such good resources which make a significant difference in people’s lives.

Jeff J.


Joyce S. – Seeking A Bankruptcy Attorney

Hi, Lori –

Just wanted to write a quick line to thank you for your referral to Ann. I met with her briefly yesterday on my lunch hour; will be seeing her again on the 21st to continue moving forward with my situation (bankruptcy). She’s very approachable, and I’m truly grateful for your QUICK help in giving me this referral…. Am very glad I called R.O. Chamber of Commerce, and they gave me your name. Will keep you posted, especially when all is said and done…

Thanks again –

Joyce S.


DeLynne O’Toole, Owner of DeLynne’s Mobile Car Cleaning – Impressions of Your Legal Resource, PLLC”s Consulting Services:

“Lori has been mentoring me as I start my own business. INITIATIVE is Lori’s greatest strength. She sees where a person needs help or information before they know they need it. She takes ACTION and PROVIDES just the right amount of assistance so that a person feels EMPOWERED to move forward with a project. She truly has a GIFT!”

DeLynne O’Toole,
Owner of DeLynne’s Mobile Car Cleaning