To Blog or Not To Blog, That is the Question!

By: Lori T. Williams, Esq., Owner/Managing Attorney of Your Legal Resource, PLLC 

Lately, I’ve been hearing from some professionals that they feel they should blog or would like to start a blog, but something is holding them back.  Generally it is a perceived time commitment problem, or a lack of a clear message to communicate consistently.  I suggest that they make the commitment to themselves first and actually write weekly for 3 months to see if they can keep it up.  If they do, then they can start releasing those blogs on a weekly basis, while adding new content along the way.  I find the worst time to write is the night before your blog is supposed to be due.  It’s like completing your homework 10 minutes before class–not generally one’s best work product!

(Photo credit: Rochelle Moulton)


I’ve been following Rochelle Moulton on Twitter and LinkedIn for awhile, and I receive her weekly blog for legal professionals, called Be Unforgettable.  Last week, she wrote about the Top 5 Reasons To Blog, and I wanted to share her thoughts with you, as this week’s guest blogger.    Click here to read the Top 5 Reasons To Blog.  Rochelle builds successful consulting practices for legal consultants and legal advisors.  Learn more at her website.

Questions to Ponder and Share:


1)  What is your strategy for consistently blogging?  (ie. how do you come up with fresh content on a regular basis?)


2) What is the purpose of your blog? (Share your random thoughts, educate/inspire others, because you should?)


3) What value has your blog brought you? (new business, new contacts, a platform for sharing/venting?) 


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