Valuable Resources For Personal And Business Growth

Lori T. Williams, JD

I’ve compiled a list of books which I found helpful in my personal and business journey. The first set will assist in understanding yourself and others better. The second set will help you discover or affirm your purpose and passion. I believe having a solid understanding of yourself, others, and your purpose and passions are critical before you can build a successful business.  The third set of books provide useful tips on building your business. The list will continue to evolve, as I and my business evolve. Updates will be provided from time to time.

I hope these materials positively impact you on your success journey, as they have for me.

Books For Understanding Ourselves and Others Better:

The Four Agreements, Miguel Ruiz

Principles for Happiness and Personal Freedom:

1. Be Impeccable With Your Word
2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
3. Don’t Make Assumptions
4. Always Do Your Best

Personality Plus, Florence Littauer

How to understand your own personality and that of your friends, family, co-workers so you can love and appreciate one another. Very humorous and dead-on accurate!

The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman

Learn what makes you and your mate tick. Apply these lessons to all relationships that are important to you and you‘ll be able to properly respond to the emotional needs of others.

Seven Things That Steal Your Joy, Joyce Meyer

Overcome the obstacles to your happiness. You’ll learn what things steal your joy and how to replace it with something to keep your joy.

Deadly Emotions, Don Colbert, MD

Understand the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection that can heal or destroy you. This Doctor shares ways you can overcome the deadly emotions that could trigger the disease process.

The Power of Now, and Practicing The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle

“All you really need to do is accept this moment fully. You are then at ease in the here and now and at ease with yourself.

In these books you are shown how to free yourself from enslavement of the mind, how to enter into this enlightened state of consciousness and sustain it in everyday life.”

Simple Abundance, Sarah Ban Breathnach

This is a Daily Reading for women which is intended to bring comfort and joy.

Something More, Sarah Ban Breathnach

The subtitle is appropriately stated: “Excavating Your Authentic Self”. This is a good book for a woman who wants more and is questioning herself and her life.

Leadership and Self-Deception, The Arbinger Institute

A must read for men and women alike! This is another great “self-excavating” book. It will help you understand yourself and others and why we sometimes rub people the wrong way, and vice versa. Through this easy-to-read story format, you’ll understand deep psychological concepts like never before. You’ll see yourself and others in situations that aren’t pretty, but are dead-on accurate and you’ll learn how to transform your relationships instead of ignoring or destroying them.

Books which helped me find my passion and affirm my purpose:

Find Your Passion: Arnie Warren

Recognize your gifts, accept your gifts, act on your gifts. This is a compelling story about a man in a business who had no dream, but once he found his passion, he found himself and a business he loved.

Jump and the Net Will Appear: Robin Crowe

A great book for anyone wanting to leave their job and pursue their dream. Robin’s story is inspiring and relatable. He teaches you how you can have your dream. You just have to jump, and the net will appear.

High Trust Selling: Todd Duncan

A great book for anyone in a relationship-based business. Todd truly knows how to build a successful business by building successful relationships. Here’ a few of his tips: You’ll make more money, have a happier life, and work less hours when you spend your time with the right people. Relationships have two components: Essence and Form. If the essence of the relationship is wrong, you’ll spend 90% of your time on form. Only do business with the people you want to be in a long term relationship with. If the relationship isn’t working, end it.

Purpose Driven Life: Rick Warren

If you ever wondered what you were created to do, what purpose your life serves, or where to go from here, this is the book for you.

Half Time: Bob Buford

A great book for people in the second half of their life who are assessing what their life means and where to go from here. They have achieved success but really want significance so they ask, “what next?” This is a spiritual journey about discovering and living your purpose in life.

Finishing Well: Bob Buford

A great companion book to “Half Time”, these are case studies about real people in the second half of their life doing what their purpose and passion calls them to do.

The Serving Leader: Jennings and Stahl-Wert

This is an inspiring book about a community of people who each work together using their gifts and living their purpose and passion to make a difference in the community and in the world. Their story made me want to live there. Imagine a place where everyone operated from integrity, living their purpose and passion, while being a servant (other’s oriented) leader. This community included employees, business leaders, civic leaders, educators, government, etc.

Business Building Books I Found Valuable:

Get Clients Now: C. J. Hayden

This book is a great compilation of many other resources for networking, filling your business pipeline, getting presentations, and closing sales. No matter what phase of the business cycle you need help with or want to improve upon, there are resources in this book which speak to your needs that you can immediately apply and get results from. This book is best suited for service providers like lawyers, CPA’s, consultants, etc. rather than businesses that focus on selling a product or own a retail establishment. In other words, if your business is about someone buying “you”, rather than a widget, this book can help.

Rather than just reading the book, I suggest being part of a group course or coaching program that holds you accountable for the results you seek. Otherwise, you probably won’t get the results; it’ll just be another book with “nice” ideas. If you don’t implement the ideas, they won’t mean much to you. The course helps you implement them. I can suggest a resource for taking this course.

Cashflow Quadrant: Robert Kiyosaki

Great book for understanding the structure of your business and how money works for you depending on whether you are an employee, self employed, business owner, or investor. It teaches you how to transition from job security to financial security.

Book Yourself Solid: Michael Port

Great book for teaching you how to tap into your ideal clients and target market, how to attract them, and how to book yourself solid working only with those you love to spend time with. Excellent book for service professionals, filled with practical how to’s and thought provoking exercises.

It’s Not Just Who You Know:  Tommy Spaulding

This book gives you real life examples of how to take surface level relationships to the next level and cultivate genuine close knit relationships over time, both personally and professionally.

Disciplined Dreaming: Josh Linkner

This book applies to solopreneurs, like myself, as well is large corporations. If you have to boil the book down to one essential point, I believe it is that “Creativity is for Everyone!”  It’s not just for your marketing department, or the “creative types” down the hall.  Creativity applies to the front desk receptionist, the new associate, the CEO, and everyone in an organization, including YOU!  The book is chalk full of examples of how to apply creativity as an individual or a team.  Josh makes a compelling case for why you must learn to be creative if you want to stay in business: Adapt or die, and creativity is the way to move forward.  It isn’t an option, it’s essential to your sustainability and growth as a business. I think it is a must read for all business owners and employees in Metro Detroit.  I hope you’ll be among them.