Winter is much prettier in pictures, or from inside a warm home as we watch snow fall outside. Experiencing the snow and wind spitting in your face is another story. We had all that plus bitter -13 degree temperatures, followed by balmy 30-40 degree temperatures later in the week. If anything can change quickly, it's the weather in Michigan.

What would you like to change this quarter in your business? What support do you need to make those changes happen? It might not occur as quickly as the changes in weather, but don't be discouraged. Press on, and ask for help when needed. If getting legal counsel can help with your goals, reach out to me and I'll connect you with one of our specialists.

In the meantime, enjoy this month's newsletter, with articles on legal, financial, accounting, and sales & marketing news and tips.

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Lori T. Williams is a 29 year attorney and the owner of a free legal referral service called Your Legal Resource.

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After a free consultation with the client, Lori connects them with the right attorney for their situation. Her team of attorneys cover all areas of law throughout Metro Detroit. Most of the attorneys on Lori's team have been in practice 10-30 years and she has known and worked with them for 5-20 years. Let us help you and your contacts connect with an affordable specialist to answer your legal questions.

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