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July, 2023



I hope you are having a great summer so far. What is your favorite way to relax and unwind outdoors this time of year? I have a tradition around July 4th of going to the lake with friends for a hike and a picnic, and relaxing by the water. Our favorite destination is just an hour away. It's far enough that it feels like we've left home, and it gives us that 'vacation' feeling. Depending on when the 4th falls, we go there on a Saturday before or after July 4th, and return home at the end of our day feeling relaxed and refreshed, without having endured the crowds or road rage/traffic jams.

When you return to work, I hope you'll enjoy and use the information in this month's newsletter. I've included the usual topics of legal, financial, privacy and security, and sales and marketing news and tips.

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Altria settles most JUUL-related cases for $235 million

Appeals court tosses convictions of 2 parents in 'Varsity Blues' college admissions scandal

Are You Really the Lucky Winner? FTC Advises How to Spot a Prize Scam

FTC rule would make it easier to cancel unwanted subscriptions

FTC sues debt relief companies for scamming customers about credit card relief

FTC proposes a ban of non-compete agreements

Is your eye doctor violating the contact lens prescription rule?

401(k) Plan Changes Are Coming

Elaborate scam leaves seniors with high-interest mortgages they didn't want or understand

Jury finds in favor of Ed Sheeran in Copyright Lawsuit filed by family of Marvin Gaye

How companies get inclusion wrong, and how to get it right

NLRB reverts back to a decades old standard for determining when worker's abusive conduct is protected by Federal Labor Law



KPMG is common factor among 3 failed banks

The 401(k) generation enters a retirement minefield

Where to keep your money in a recession

Credit card skimmers common as thieves drain bank accounts

Millions of older Americans are nearing retirement without any savings

Fed Study Finds Americans Won't Accept New Job Unless Pay Is Near $76,000/yr:

How to get more money out of a savings account while interest rates are high

Some researchers believe early withdrawal rules for retirement plans are too strict

New estimate of when Social Security benefit payments will run out

Debt Collectors fined $24Million for deceptive practices

Quirks of Waiting Until Full Retirement Age To Claim Social Security Benefits

Big US banks to pay billions to replenish failure fund



Privacy and Security

Data privacy advances, despite lack of Federal Privacy Law

White House looks to crack down on employee monitoring tools

Department of Transportation seeks to layer cybersecurity into infrastructure grants process

US officials say Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be a big cyber threat

Understanding the capabilities of 5G while managing the privacy and security risks


Marketing and Sales

How to prepare for a possible TikTok Ban

Here's a roadmap to identify and overcome self-defeating habits that hold you back from success

Brands address issue of imposter Twitter accounts

5 Design Tips for Creating Stunning Social Media Graphics

How to successfully partner with an influencer


Tips for Entrepreneurs

3 Cash Management Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn From Fortune 100 Companies

How to turn your business failures into eventual success

How to avoid the pitfalls that occur when your business succession plan isn't coordinated with your estate plan

The value of vacations for your business and employees

7 ways to avoid committing proximity bias in your hybrid workplace

The benefits of pay transparency for your business


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