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August, 2023



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Copyright infringement case for Banana on a wall artwork fails

Google's $23 million settlement in privacy violation class action estimated to yield class members $7.70 each

FTC sends out over $3.3 Million in payments to consumers harmed by Student Loan Debt Relief Scam

Business Owners: How to avoid the pitfalls that occur when your business succession plan isn't coordinated with your estate plan

Wells Fargo Agrees to $1 Billion Settlement Over Its Pace of Compliance Reforms

Instant Pot and Instant Brands Files Bankruptcy

Lawyers blame ChapGPT for tricking them into citing bogus case law



Americans warned not to mail checks if possible due to dramatic check fraud spike

6 Top SBA Loans

Nationally, US housing has become so unaffordable that over 75% of homes on the market are too expensive for middle-income buyers

Retiring Baby Boomers are pushing Millennials out of the housing market

98% of borrowers have a below-market mortgage rate, and it's keeping housing inventory tight

FDIC considers new law to increase coverage for business accounts



Privacy and Security

Massive phishing campaign uses 6,000 sites to impersonate 100 brands

FTC says Amazon didn't protect Alexa users or children's privacy

Legal tech firm Casepoint investigates breach after hackers claim theft of government data

What the Microsoft Xbox Live settlement means for your child's privacy

Here's how high school grads can protect themselves from scams


Marketing and Sales

How to build or improve your sales process

Why We Need a New Formula for Creativity in B2B Advertising

How to incorporate buyer's emotions in your B2B sales

Instagram insights for small businesses


Tips for Entrepreneurs

How Entrepreneurs can turn a side hustle into a thriving six figure income

Tips For Increasing Performance While Reducing Employee Burnout

Why AI is important for startups

How companies get inclusion wrong, and how to get it right


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