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November, 2023


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The differences between a Living Trust and a Will to pass on your inheritance

Estate Planning 101: Beyond Wills and Trusts

Three overlooked benefits of estate planning

OpenAI sued by 17 prominent authors for systematic theft and copyright violations

Rite Aid prepares Bankruptcy filing and store closures amid opioid lawsuits

Kroger agrees to pay up to $1.4 billion to settle lawsuits over its role in the opioid epidemic

3M's $10.3 billion PFAS settlement gets preliminary approval

Home Depot and others challenge $2.7 billion Blue Cross antitrust settlement

Google reaches tentative settlement in lawsuit alleging customers were overcharged in US Play Store

The Supreme Court could upend the housing market

Walgreens agrees to pay $44 million to Theranos blood test customers

Google is making big changes to prevent Gmail spam

Google made sure Samsung Galaxy users can't easily change the default search engine on their devices

Understanding the FTC lawsuit against Amazon alleging a monopoly and antitrust law violations



Best Roth IRA Investments

How long should you keep your tax returns and records?

4 ways to deduct commuting costs from your taxes

Visa and Mastercard are increasing fees to merchants on credit card purchases made by customers

How to calculate tax on IRA withdrawals

At what age should you take Social Security?

IRS plans to crack down on 1,600 millionaires to collect millions in back taxes

Advisors confident wealthy clients will avoid IRS crackdown

FINRA arbitrators order expelled brokerage to pay $3.2M for excessive trading

Amazon's and Google's stocks could be a 'win-win' even if both companies face government-ordered breakups


Consumer Warnings

3 baby formula companies receive FDA warning letter for failing to ensure safe manufacturing

Trader Joes recalls multi grain Tamale crackers, which may contain metal

Nearly 2,000 pounds of ground beef products recalled after testing positive for E. coli

58,000 pounds of ground beef recalled over possible E. coli contamination

Eye Drop Recall Expanded Due to Bacteria, Fungus Contamination

Dog food recalled after samples test positive for salmonella

Icecream House recalls 91 products for listeria concern

FDA recall of certain Regal seasonings is ongoing

Biggest Food Recalls in Costco History

3 More Costco Recalls announced in October



Privacy and Security

Cybersecurity experts share tips for protecting personal data

Facebook's privacy settlement with over 17 million people so far is the largest number of claims ever

LastPass under fire again for stolen user crypto keys and user losses

SEC sues Virtu Financial, alleging employees could improperly access confidential trade information

National Student Clearinghouse data breach impacts 890 schools

University of Minnesota data breach affects applicants, students and employees between 1989 and 2021

Lawsuit claims H&R Block, Meta, Google used spyware to illegally share consumers' financial data

Sony confirms its data breach impacts thousands in US

Consumer group says Mastercard is selling cardholders' data without their knowledge

How to handle communications during a cyber-attack

Many firms aren't reporting cybersecurity breaches to the proper authorities

Post office warns of smishing (fake text messages about your mail delivery)

What to do if you click on spam email that looks legit, and it steals your info?


Marketing and Sales

6 Social Media Branding Tips for Startups (and others)

9 Digital Marketing Trends & Strategies for 2024

How to do a quick SEO accessibility check

How to use fan-driven marketing to foster brand love


Tips for Entrepreneurs

Which type of legal entity is right for your business?

How to reduce taxes as a sole proprietor

6 Tips From An Investor For Raising Money For Your Startup

What Small Business Owners Need to Know About Google Anti-Trust Trial


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