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April, 2023



Happy Spring! I hope all is well with you. I'm enjoying seeing the sunshine lasting into the evening, since we turned the clocks back last month. Hopefully we'll see more of the warmer temps, and less (or none) of the snow this month.

I hope you enjoy this month's articles below, filled with news and tips regarding legal, financial, privacy and security, and sales and marketing.

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The FTC Reveals the Top Scams of 2022

POM class action alleges Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice falsely advertised as 'all natural'

As Employers Fret over Remote Work, Hybrid Schedules May Be Here to Stay

After-hours work emails and calls are facing more legal restrictions

3 red flags that mean it's time to quit work

Kerrygold class action claims product falsely advertised as 'Pure Irish butter'

NSA shares guidance on how to secure your home network

Amazon hit with allegations of selling dangerous drugs and violating labor laws

Why Some Companies Are Going Back On Their Hybrid Work Policies And Forcing Workers Back In Office:

FTC sues companies for illegal robocalls



1/2 of Americans say their personal finances are worse now than 1 year ago

Tax Breaks Threaten Remote Work If Cities Start Enforcing Them

Record keeping and other tax tips for small businesses

Small-Business Tax Changes and Tips in 2023

Troy, MI Doctor indicted for Medicare fraud of $448,000

When filing taxes later is to your advantage

Over $115 million goes to MoneyGram users who paid scammers



Privacy and Security

If you use LastPass as a Pasword Manager, Change All Passwards ASAP Due To Data Breach

Why a down economy makes a shortage of cybersecurity employees worse

Top 2 background check companies were hit by a data breach. Is your personal information exposed?

Hackers Target Telecom - Over 74 Million Clients' Data Leaked

Microsoft Defender Will Soon Be Better At Stopping Corporate Cyberattacks

Michigan Attorney General Warns of Cybersecurity Risks After Data Breach Of Gaming Sites

Researches say Android phones from China transmit personal data without consent

Warning: Don't Answer Calls From These 5 Area Code


Marketing and Sales

What is the value of influencer marketing for small businesses?

8 steps to creating a successful startup business plan

10 free tools to easily manage Instagram and Facebook

How to build an Executive's Social Media Strategy

How to Improve Sales Performance


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