4 responses to “Anything is possible!”

  1. Emily A. Hay

    Excellent recap, Lori…this is a beautifully written post. Wow,
    what a life-changing trip for our friend, Kim! My heart is warm
    imagining how fulfilling that experience must have been for her. We
    have so much to be thankful for and can also make such an impact!
    Thanks for writing. ~Emily

  2. Cathy

    Lori, thank you for writing and sharing Kim’s amazing trip. Her
    adventure is so well presented here. I feel like I’ve received a
    glimpse of a special people and how we can ALL, perhaps, become
    more grateful for the Blessings we have.

  3. Sharon

    What an amazing and thought-provoking story. Your write like a
    veteran journalist, Lori! Kim has an incredible tale and it’s a
    blessing to see how you are helping her tell it. Thank you. Sharon

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