So what is Collaborative Divorce, anyway?

Part 4 of my 4 part Family Law Series features Collaborative Law Attorney, Randall Pitler, who explains the process and clears up the common misconceptions about Collaborative Divorce.

The implications of divorce on mortgage financing

I interviewed David Keblaitis, Owner of Home Funding Group, about how divorce impacts a borrower’s mortgage financing. “Often the person keeping the home is mandated by the divorce decree to refinance the marital home in order to remove the other party from the current mortgage,” says Keblaitis. “This can be problematic when the home is under water and there isn’t sufficient equity to refinance the home.” However, there are solutions available and Keblaitis believes in finding the right mortgage product for each client’s needs.

The implications of divorce on college funding

I interviewed Certified College Planning Specialist, Jeff Taylor, about how divorce impacts college funding. Taylor has many single moms as clients, and knows this situation well. “Divorce can cause you to forfeit money you would otherwise be entitled to if you aren’t planning properly before, during, and after the divorce,” says Taylor. How assets will be or are distributed, income levels of the parents, and the amount of alimony and child support paid all play into the equation of whether and how much funding will be available for college. To help divorced parents obtain college funding for their children, Taylor offers these strategies:

Family Law Overview

In this family law overview, I discuss the differences between pre-nuptial agreements, annulments, divorce, separation, and collaborative divorce.