How it all began

I find myself “sharing my story” with others when we meet over coffee or lunch for the first time, or even on an initial business phone call. In this week’s blog, I’m sharing my story with all of you, in hopes that it inspires and guides someone to take action to discover their purpose and passion. If so, I hope you’ll share a little of “your story” with all of us.

4 Things to think about before applying for a Patent

Having an idea for a product or process that you can patent is only the beginning. Local patent attorney Steve Hansen shares why some patents never evolve into products you see in the market place, and how to create and maintain a sustainable patent.

Potential Pitfalls for solo and small firm attorneys

There are many advantages to owning your own law practice, or being a small firm professional. However, there can also be pitfalls for the unwary solo or small firm practitioner. It is important to keep up with best practices, changes in the law, and follow the rules of professional responsibility to protect both yourself and your client.

Tips for Finding the Right Attorney

Most of us know when we need to consult with an attorney, but knowing who to contact can be a challenge. How do you find out what their area of specialty is? Or what kind of fees they charge? What do their clients say about them? While the internet has certainly made finding an attorney easier for the public, knowing which lawyer is right for you still remains a mystery for many consumers of legal services. Read on to discover how to find the right lawyer for your situation

Protect your intellectual property and your business

Entrepreneurs are, by their very nature, energetic risk-takers often with a singular focus on launching their product or service. That kind of dedication and focus is terrific for getting to market and developing value quickly. Unfortunately, that “get-it-done-and-work-out-the-problems-later” approach can have tragic consequences where the business’s intellectual property is neglected in the process; particularly for today’s startup businesses where IP (such as software, patents, and trademarks) plays a vital part. If the IP is not secure, the entire business value is in jeopardy. If the business value is in jeopardy, it may be very difficult finding investors or carrying out an exit strategy.