Dear Lori:

I wish to take a moment and sincerely thank you for the two referrals you gave me. In a time when I needed some clear direction in my life and appropriate legal counsel you knew where I could turn. After a year of not getting what I felt I needed from my attorney and moving forward in my career, you provided the bridge to get the help I needed.

Lori your services provided me with strong, experienced legal counsel. You saved me the time and energy seeking alternative counsel and the stress of wondering if I found the right attorney from the start. Within a week I was able to meet with my new attorney and he spent much time going over all the details of my case. My questions were not just answered. I was educated as to the “why” this is and “how” we can precede. Before I felt I was chasing my other attorney down and left with unanswered questions. I was not comfortable with how my case was being handled. The relationships you develop with the professionals whom represent and assist you with issues that affect you emotionally and/or financially in life have to be entrusted by those who are really working for you.

Sometimes when we feel “what next” or “how am I going to get through this” it’s amazing how people can come into your life and make things more clear. I am so grateful for the direction you have shown me to take in resolving both my legal and business matters. You certainly do connect the right client with the right professional.

Thank you,

Christie L. Clipper