One response to “Mistakes legal professionals should avoid”

  1. Annamarie Moore

    Lori – I completely agree with regard to failure to return calls,
    and having an office that does not reflect the proper image.
    Regardless of how small an office is, if the desire is to convey
    professionalism, the surroundings should foster a feeling of
    security in a visitor, as well as trust in the person to whom the
    office belongs. I feel the same way in doctor offices. If I’m left
    waiting far beyond my appointment time, left wondering what is
    taking so long without a verbal update, and in a shabby area
    without current reading material, I end up losing confidence in the
    professional – and then choose to find another. The same goes for
    the office staff. If the staff isn’t dressed and groomed neatly, I
    lose confidence in the office and in the professional, especially
    in the professional for allowing the staff to get away with
    slovenly habits. I’ve seen it in law firms many times. Image is
    everything, and often the receptionist is the “public face” of a

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