Dear Lori,

Thank you for the referral to an estate planning attorney. A few months from expecting a child, I felt that estate planning was an important topic to address with a competent lawyer. But I was at a loss for how to find one. I really didn’t want to look in a phone book. I wanted to talk to someone who has worked with or could confidently recommend a lawyer. I didn’t want to turn to some random lawyer to be my most trusted resource in putting together a plan for my family’s minimization of estate taxes and financial security in the event of a tragedy. I did not know any estate planning lawyers personally. So who did?

Knowing your connections in the legal field and the relationship we developed through networking, I asked for a referral. It happened so quick – you called back and responded with a lawyer who was so helpful for a matter that is so easy to ignore, put-off, or try to forget about entirely.

I needed someone I could trust. You provided that. I received a return call the same day. They knew what I was looking for and were available to meet within my schedule. They quickly and confidently relayed my estate planning options. It was a meeting that made estate planning easy and understandable. I came out of there with clear action items of information needed to move forward.

Well that just was too easy. I was perplexed why everyone didn’t take estate planning action. So to make sure I was going in the right direction, I hazarded a second opinion on estate planning in general. I met with a lawyer I saw in the newspaper. A totally different experience. There were options without recommendations which just led to confusion and sketchy prices. There was no question in my mind about the direction I was taking with your referral lawyer. I was happy that the referral was coming from someone who was just as concerned that it was a good match for me.

Your attentiveness to detail and responsiveness clearly make your business stand out. Thank you for your continued referrals to specialized business attorneys for my other ventures and company plans. I can truly say that “Lori Williams” legal referral service is a number not to lose.” You never know when you need a lawyer and when you need one, you don’t want to waste time talking to the wrong people.”

Thanks again,

Sharon White, PMP
Project Team and Business Coach
Unlimited Pathways, LLC
[email protected]