Creativity is for Everyone!

I recently read Josh Linkner’s newest book, Disciplined Dreaming, and found his insights very valuable. This book applies to solopreneurs, like myself, as well is large corporations. If you have to boil the book down to one essential point, I believe it is that “Creativity is for Everyone!” It’s not just for your marketing department, or the “creative types” down the hall. Creativity applies to the front desk receptionist, the new associate, the CEO, and everyone in an organization, including YOU! The book is chalk full of examples of how to apply creativity as an individual or a team. Josh makes a compelling case for why you must learn to be creative if you want to stay in business: Adapt or die, and creativity is the way to move forward. It isn’t an option, it’s essential to your sustainability and growth as a business. I think it is a must read for all business owners and employees in Metro Detroit. I hope you’ll be among them.