Dear Lori:

Thank you for providing names of experienced lawyers who could help us with a non-traditional purchase of a house. We are recent transplants to South Eastern Michigan and had no clue whom to call when the need arose. After many frustrating phone calls to lawyers using the telephone directory we realized this method was not working…and time was of the essence if we were going to buy the house of our dreams. Fortunate for us our bank representative suggested we contact you.

The firm you recommended specialized in property law and they returned our call right away. We were able to make an appointment and draft an agreement quickly. It turned out that there were serious complications so it was valuable that we had experienced behind us. We are really pleased that you recommended just the right firm to handle the paperwork and give us advice, advice that saved us literally thousands of dollars.

Legal matters are stressful for the layperson, but with your help we were in good hands. It was also comforting to know you could provide us with options should the need have risen. You followed up even after knowing we were satisfied, it let us know that you value your clients. For any future legal needs you can be sure we will be calling on you again and will recommend your services to our family and friends.

We will be closing on our new home within a week and wanted to let you know you were instrumental in making it happen. Thanks again.

Best Regards, David and Alexis Dunmire