Creativity is for Everyone!

I recently read Josh Linkner’s newest book, Disciplined Dreaming, and found his insights very valuable. This book applies to solopreneurs, like myself, as well is large corporations. If you have to boil the book down to one essential point, I believe it is that “Creativity is for Everyone!” It’s not just for your marketing department, or the “creative types” down the hall. Creativity applies to the front desk receptionist, the new associate, the CEO, and everyone in an organization, including YOU! The book is chalk full of examples of how to apply creativity as an individual or a team. Josh makes a compelling case for why you must learn to be creative if you want to stay in business: Adapt or die, and creativity is the way to move forward. It isn’t an option, it’s essential to your sustainability and growth as a business. I think it is a must read for all business owners and employees in Metro Detroit. I hope you’ll be among them.

Nothing is ever as it seems

This week’s guest blogger is my friend the accomplished writer, Linda Angér, Founder and President of The Write Concept. When I think of Linda, the words tenacity, perseverance, and resilience come to mind. This is a recent blog post representative of what you can expect to see in the book she is currently penning on the Joy of Adversity.

It doesn’t have to be hard

I always enjoy catching up with my business contacts and referral partners over coffee or lunch. I’ve observed that the ones who are excited, growing, and discovering new possibilities are the ones who have carved out a unique niche that they are passionate about. While they are putting forth effort, it doesn’t FEEL like work to them.

Summertime Can Be Fun & Productive

Although the kids have been out of school since June 18th, I notice I’m still adjusting to the summer schedule. Every year it takes me a couple weeks to adjust to a shorter work day, with the extra family responsibilities. I’ve learned to be deliberate in my actions so that I enjoy this time of year, rather than endure it.

When professionals demonstrate a lack of integrity

It always surprises me when I encounter a lack of integrity. I’m not talking about the blatant kind where someone exhibits a complete lack of judgment or morals, but the “innocent” kind where a well meaning professional claims they’ll do something and then “forgets” or “gets busy” and never gets around to it. It’s the little things that make a good first impression and a positive lasting impression: