Non-English speaking persons gain greater access to Michigan Courts

New Court rules require all Michigan courts to provide foreign language interpreters to people with Limited English Proficiency. This applies to all areas of law and all languages spoken in Michigan. There will be a uniform standard(s) applied throughout all courts in the state. Anyone who needs an interpreter will receive one. Those who can’t afford an interpreter will be provided with one at no cost.

Have your legal documents kept up with your significant life events?

We all have significant “life events” that occur, but sometimes fail to take action to protect ourselves and our loved ones at those critical times. Financial Advisor Jeffrey W. Geralds of Mutual of Omaha reminds us of what those key life events might include and what we should do about them.

Why estate plans are still useful in light of tax law changes

I recently spoke with a financial advisor who pondered whether estate planning attorneys were still relevant in light of the tax law changes this year. For an estate under $5million, the planner felt that various financial products could adequately defer taxes and avoid probate. However, estate planning attorneys see the picture differently. Read on to learn the benefits of estate planning, beyond tax savings.

When reform means a loss of rights

What has been the result of medical malpractice reform? According to Jay Greene of Crain’s Detroit Business,after nearly two decades since the reform there is ample evidence that premium rates and lawsuits are down, but whether overall costs have been contained or public safety adequately protected is still in dispute between the medical profession and attorneys who represent medically injured parties.

How it all began

I find myself “sharing my story” with others when we meet over coffee or lunch for the first time, or even on an initial business phone call. In this week’s blog, I’m sharing my story with all of you, in hopes that it inspires and guides someone to take action to discover their purpose and passion. If so, I hope you’ll share a little of “your story” with all of us.

Some unexpected consequences from the Super Drunk Law

Since the holiday season usually brings about added celebrations, and for some lonely and difficult times, I think it is worth reviewing the Super Drunk Law and heeding a “drink responsibly” message. Additionally, read on to learn about a client of mine who had some unintended consequences arising from the Super Drunk Law.

Childhood comes with an expiration date of 18

If you have a child over the age of 18 years old, who is away at college or living on their own, you as a parent no longer have any legal access to their health care information nor authority to make decisions regarding their health care. Read on to learn how to protect yourself and your child, in the event of health or financial challenges.

How Can the Legal Industry Use Social Media More Effectively?

Many Law Firms are still struggling to find their voice on social media, while others are not using these platforms at all. Read the common reasons law firms choose to opt out of using social media, and how to overcome those objections and create an effective strategy for you and your firm.